Photo Art from your Heart

“With today’s digicams, you can snap an endless supply of shots that can be edited, resized & printed in glorious, colorful detail thereby making artists of us all. Take a series of pics of people, pets, projects & places you love & arrange them into pleasing patterns enhanced by flower prints or natural vistas to be framed on your wall.

My book, Montage Mirage Photo Tapestries, leads you through the entire process while exhibiting 25 different layouts to ignite your imagination.

Many static photos depict a single aspect of someone. Placed in a scrapbook or album, they’re interesting. But because of all the media & internet exposure, we’ve been conditioned to rapid, multi-faceted images.

A dozen or more shots of a loved one crafted together in an interconnected Tapestry offers a fuller, more rounded profile; a visual biography. Snapshots of life gleaned from a flurry of activity offer insights into their ever-changing physiology & psychology. Moods from sorrow to elation, disappointment to victory, innocence to wisdom enrich your overall knowledge & felt sense of the subject. A fleeting look, an unmasked moment, a spontaneous joy, an enigmatic pause flashes across their face briefly caught & preserved.

Facial topography, pensive, mischievous, laughing, portraits with movement, progressions & experiential trails witness our humanity, acknowledge feats & provide infinite pageantry for reminiscence.

Think about the wealth of info contained in a single shot. Nuances of face & body language convey the past. Delicate shadings of emotion, insight & curiosity replicate an instant that will never reoccur. Multiply this effect with a series of shots snapped in sequence or garnered over days, months, years or lifetimes. A whole integrated composition proudly displayed on your wall conveys a multidimensional impression.

Most people will never write a book (though we each have specialized skills) but almost anyone -including children- can construct a Montage Mirage that captivates & speaks volumes.

Imagine replacing all the negative memories that plague us with appealing, cheerful, countenances that etch into our neurology & neutralize the darkness by continually observing the best in people gracing our walls. Encourage, support & give pleasure that doesn’t fade because the portrait Montage engraves itself into our hearts. Gratitude for good times overshadows the troublesome when we contemplate beautiful Photo Tapestries.

Everyone has regrets. Why not embed positive snapshots into our consciousness daily by viewing what we appreciate? It’s easier to create new habits than try to change the old. Bury those depressive states underneath a plethora of uplifting Mirages. Reprogram yourself with images that inspire, excite & motivate you. Imprint them into your body, mind & feelings. Supplant difficult remembrances with newer, more harmonious ones with dramatic visual stimuli. The unconscious processes multiple streams of info rapidly using all 5 senses. Feed it animated, delightful, charming images of those you love. Eliminate what no longer serves.”

– Gwen Sarandrea