Montage Mirage Photo Tapestries

Welcome to Montage Mirage Photo Tapestries created by artist and author Gwen Sarandrea. Transform your precious photos into original art!

Go far beyond scrapbooking. Montage Mirage Photo Tapestries is a whole new medium ideally suited to creating portrait keepsakes which can be handed down through the generations. Learn fundamental techniques and a fresh approach to preserving memories. The Montage Mirage Photo Tapestries book leads you through the entire process while exhibiting 25 different layouts to ignite your imagination.

Following Gwen’s easy step-by-step process you’ll learn how to:

  • Capture a moment in time with photos you adore
  • Animate personality aspects single shots miss
  • Dynamic visual stories told through layering
  • Experience the emotions evoked by them
  • Keepsakes created for future generations
  • Customize your photos in similar layouts
Let Gwen show you how it’s done!